Launched: Tue Oct 21 2014

Gapcoin's prime gaps

First known occurrence prime gaps

Gapcoin found 1215 first known occurrence prime gaps,
and therefore broke the previous records for the smallest prime starting a gap with a specific length:

The prime gaps are published at Dr. Nicely's site (
Gapcoin got listed within the two following lists:

Prime gaps from 4000 to 5998
Prime gaps from 6000 to 7998
Prime gaps from 8000 to 9998
Prime gaps from 10000 to 14998
Prime gaps from 15000 to 19998
Prime gaps from 20000 to 24998
Prime gaps from 25000 to 29998

On the following site, new first known occurrence prime gaps found by Gapcoin are listed.
The site only serves the purpose to give an overview about Gapcoins current new records.
The gaps listed there will frequently be submitted to Dr. Nicely.

Gapcoin's newly found prime gaps

Highest merits

The merit of a prime gap is the ratio of it's size to the average prime gap size.
With higher primes the average gap size increases.
The merit is a measurement for how hard it is to find a gap.

The following links are the highest merits found by the Gapcoin network,
and the prime gap merit world record list.

Top-20 world record list
Gapcoin's top-30